Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The real DXCC award

Pour les francophones

2. There are 340 entities (formerly called countries) on the current list.
3. An operator who works 100 is eligible for DXCC membership.
4. An operator who works at least 331 is eligible for the HONOR ROLL.
5. An operator who works ALL 340 is eligible for the NR 1 HONOR ROLL.
6. There are 62 entities on the deleted list. These are entities which no longer exist. We once had East and West Germany, now only one. Other entities which once existed include Zanzibar, French Indo-China, British Somaliland, Tanganyika, Tibet, etc. You had to be on the air and have worked them then in order to claim credit.

The DXCC List is based on Clinton B. DeSoto's, W1CBD, landmark 1935 QST article, "How to Count Countries Worked, A New DX Scoring System." DeSoto's article discussed problems DXers had in determining how to count the DX, or entities, they had worked. He presented the solution that has worked successfully for succeeding generations of DXers.
In DeSoto's words, "The basic rule is simple and direct: Each discrete geographical or political entity is considered to be a country." This rule has stood the test of time -- from the original list published in 1937, to the ARRL DXCC List of today. For more than 70 years, the DXCC List has been the standard for DXers around the world.
DeSoto never intended that all DXCC "countries" would be countries in the traditional sense of the word. Rather, they are the distinct geographic and political entities which DXers seek to contact. Individual achievement is measured by working and confirming the various entities comprising the DXCC List. This is the essence of the DXCC program.
Over time, criteria for the DXCC List has changed. The List remains unchanged until an entity no longer satisfies the criteria under which it was added, at which time it is moved to the Deleted List. Thus, today's DXCC List does not fully conform with today's criteria since many entities are grandfathered under previous rules.

Source: QST http://www.arrl.org/dxcc-rules

Monday, May 6, 2019

USA HamSphere 4.0 is good for you! Why ?

In USA they are 800 000 amateur radio ( and many SWL, CB radio opérators ), but in 5 years on HamSphere 4.0 i never contact these states:  Kansas, Arkansas, Delaware, Wyoming, Mississippi, and Iowa to get my WAS award...

Only 18 opérators on HS4 ( outside north America ) get this rare award !


Exemple of QSL card for USA on hamSphere 4.0

 Many hams dont have right to erect an antenna or too much QRM. Also the majority of hams are séniors and it is hard to climb the pylone or to go on the roof for your antennas. but now with internet you can use the virtual amateur radio, you just need a headset microphone and of course a computer ! You can have a free trial for one month on hamSphere 4.0

This program is very realistic with exactly the same propagation like on HF ham radio from 160 to 10 meter ( exept no E sporadique ) Include with the TX two antennas, a vertical and a directive antenna. Like on real amateur radio you must look the propagation and choice a band to call CQ or listening for a DX, you can also just watch the signal on the band scope. We have QSL cards, awards, contest, CW, SSTV, PSK, etc, DX expedition, IOTA (IOHS ) https://hamspheredxpeditions.blogspot.com/

My TX with a waterfall ( you can get this plugin in the hamsphere shop )

Click on Log Book and you can see the Cluster, click on Log Book in yellow color and you will arrive in your log book

You can see they are also dome radios on HS4 48 meter band

Letter S red = my QSL card was send, letter R green QSL card is receive by me from amateur radio like D2/UW5EJX or amateur of radio ! 44H3291 because HS4 is also open to no aamteur radio operators.

Main or log book, propagation map

Filters for better audio

Select you band ( BC is for radios ) and mode 

DX Mon when is ON show you if you signal his heard somewhere on our planet !

Now the most important where is the PTT !

Adjust you microphone level and if you like 100 watts turn your power level

Select and turn your antenna (VU2NSB Fish bone array is a directive antenna )

I have also buy a G5RV and a Log Periodic

With IDC antenna

With Directive antenna VU2NSB


My customised TX-RX SSB and CW 100 Watts 

Dont forget to have a QSL card to confirm a QSO on HamSphere 4.0
When you have a QSL just use you HS4 log to send you QSL card !

Exemple of QSL cards on hamSphere 4.0

One of my QSL cards FØDUW

Please visit my HS4 QSL cards collection from more of 200 DXCC countries in SSB and CW, my awards, etc.