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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

1980-2017 SWL on SW and MW

my first RX


My best

My portable

En 1991 SWL au Portugal avec mon Sony ICF-SW7600

In 2017 i use WEBSDR ! but i still have a RX portable Sangean ATS 909, i sale all other RX

During this 37 years i have use also more RX but i just list the most important. My best base RX!: Kenwood R5000 ( i have listening many sw radios and 250 dxcc ham radio with a 20 meters long wire. http://www.universal-radio.com/catalog/sw_ant/1465.html  this SWL antenna was on the roof at 30 meters above the ground...

My best portable radio: SONY ICF 7600, i bring it in SWL DX expeditions ! With a 10 meters long wire in AM for radios on SW or SSB for listening to ham radio.
It is possible to buy a Sony ICF 7600 GR in 2017 but the Sangean ATS 909X is maybe a best choice ?