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Thursday, July 13, 2017

HamSphere 4.0 Three years have passed !

Summer 2014 on August 15 exactly, a UFO arrives in the world of radio amateurs and radio enthusiasts, this new program happens to simulate the propagation on the amateur bands radio 10 to 160 meters. This very realistic software is called HamSphere 4.0. of course it is a little more complicated to use than HamSphere 3 but it is much more réalistic because of the real propagation of shortwaves. Many French have tried this program and few are even in the top 100 DXers of the HamSphere 4.0 DX club TOP 1000. Some  have confirm by QSL card 191 countries. It is possible to make Phonia but also CW, SSTV and other digital modes ( PSK31,etc ). 200 countries have already been active on HS4 including rare countries. IOTA on HS4 are IOHS (islands on HamSphere), Lighthouse (LOHS) or castles (COHS). 

A blog is dedicated to it:


On HamSphere 4.0, there are French amateurs with F6, F1, F4, F5, F6, F8 and those without a code are 14HS.

Why use virtual amateur radio?

"Because it becomes harder and harder for radio fans to be able to exercise their hobby"

Several reasons for this:
The antenna is a main component of a radio amateur station. Installing an antenna or antennas especially in town or renting becomes very difficult. The application for a license for a large pylone becomes more restrictive.
Not to mention the electrosensibles that are in crisis when they see an antenna even those of the SWL!
Climatic elements on the antennae such as wind and lightning.During storms, it is not unusual to see antennas falling or being destroyed with if you are in town to see your antenna risky to fall on the street.Lightning can also fall on your antenna and cause very serious damage when it reaches your TRx.
The price of a good amateur radio installation  can quickly climb. Equipment, antennas, taxes, insurance etc.
The price of the QSL cards, stamps ans " green stamps ! "
For fans of DX on 27 Mhz when the propagation is bad, it is necessary to know that there is always propagation on amateur bands like the decametric 20 meters
With age, it becomes painful to climb on the pylone or on the roof ...
The QRM: A problem that did not exist a few years ago. Many technologies generate QRM which disrupts all short wave listening.
Exams to become amateur radio in France and nany countries are too complicated for some people.

A solution :

Virtual radio amateur is not expensive. You only need a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, a microphone, an internet connection or wifi and the HamSphere 4.0 program.
No QRM, no electrosensitive (?), No exams to pass, government taxes, building permits for pylones and antennas, no need to climb on the pylone at 70 y.o !, No more BURO QSL contribution, stamps, as well as on the real amateur amateur radio bands.

On HS 4.0 there are also contests (contests) in Phone or CW , SSTV, and many modes.

For about € 35 ( 40 US ) per year, it is possible to send as many qsl cards as you want. I have already sent 6000 on hamSphere and also 6000 on Hamsphere 3 !

The HamSphere 4.0. TX
It is immediately functional with antenna on SW on Ham radio bands

You can have a free trial of HamSphere 4.0


HamSphere 4.0 is also on Androi smartphone



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