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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Le Late Night DX Gang sur HamSphere 4.0

ON8AIR Georg un sympatique OM Belge a eu l'idée de créer un club de chasseurs de DX qui sont des oiseaux de nuit sur HamSphere 4.0.


 Ce groupe a feté son deuxiéme anniversaire en mai dernier.

Le loup qui chasse la nuit est le symbole du Gang de DX'ers

De nombreuses activités, concours (big wolf hunt ) , diplomes, etc sont organisés pour les membres mais aussi les autres amateurs lors du contest LNDXG.

Pour devenir membre il faut deja avoir confirmé 50 pays par carte QSL sur HamSphere 4.0

Il est possible aussi de se faire des cartes QSL perso mais avec le logo du gang et son numéro de membre.

L'activité du DX gang et de ces bientot 258 membres peut etre suivi sur son groupe Facebook

Chaque nouveau membre reçoit des cartes QSL a son indicatif

A bientot sur HamSphere 4.0

The HamSphere Late Night DX-gang is the biggest family of HS4-users! 

Since the 9th of May 2015 we have a new hardworking and organised crew on HamSphere 4: The HamSphere Late Night DX-gang, founded by Georg BARBARY (ON8AIR). 

The most important target of the group is to generate more activity on HamSphere 4. 
A member of that ‘gang’ is called a NightHowler or a Wolf. 

In only 8 months time the ‘NightHowlers’ have launched several activations: 
Ladies Night-activity (special attention for the female members of the gang), The DreamTeam-activity (hunting football-QSL), Back In Time-QSL (‘what was your first radio?’), the Magic Word-activity (find the 5 letterword by hunting NightHowlers on HS4), Forgotten Bands-activation (e.g. 27Mc), DigiMode-activity, several DX-peditions and of course their Late Night DX-gang contest. 

There are 3 sorts of Nighthowlers: 
a. The Novice Howler: 
The Hampshere 4 Late Night DX-gang helps out new stations on Hamsphere 4, even if they don’t have the ‘50 countries award on HS4’ yet. That new station can become a ‘Novice Howler’. A Novice Howler is training to win the ‘50 countries award on HS4’. 
b. A NightHowler can bring new DX-stations on HamSphere 4. If that station decides to wait to become a ‘Novice Howler’ or a full-member, he/she will receive a special QSL-card with our ‘helpers-logo’ on it. 
c. The full member or NightHowler: All stations that have obtained the ’50 countries award on HS4’ can become a NightHowler. The full member will receive several QSL-cards, a membershipcertificate and full access to all the activations. 

In addition to bring more activity on HS4, the NightHowlers are also working on better operatorskills. That’s why they have created a huge packet of Operating Practice-rules (can be found on their facebookpage). 

For the moment this gang has about 135 HS4-users in their Wolfpack and is organised by a board of directors who decide weekly about new activities. 

Free membership: 
The only thing you have to do is… sending your picture, callsign, QTH, country, locator, Latitude, longitude, CQ and ITU-zone to: info@latenightdx.info 

More information can be found on the special Facebook page: ‘HamSphere Late Night DX-gang’.