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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

PSK31 now on hamSphere 4.0

"I’m pleased to announce a slight change to the HS4 band plan which will now allow PSK31 transmissions on all high frequency HS4 bands. The 30 meter band plan will continue as it currently is, however, specific frequencies for PSK31 contacts are now authorized as of this announcement on the other 10 HS4 bands. This slight change is to help foster digital communications work using PSK31, which is a narrow, weak signal communications mode. PSK31 allows HS4 operators to make keyboard-to-keyboard contacts with low output power and simple antennas.
If you are interested in PSK31 and would like to know more, please contact Daniel, NA1NA, for help in getting on this exciting mode. Djames.cathedral@midconetwork.com
A few points to remember: PSK31 transmissions should only be made on the listed frequencies as shown. Output power is restricted to 10 watts or 5 watts depending on band, just as CW transmissions currently are.
Have fun on PSK31!"


Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hamsphere4.0/

"On HamSphere it is possible to enjoy and share good QSO´s in diferent digital modes generally used in Amateur Radio bands (i.e. PSK, RTTY, MT63, analog and digital SSTV and many other digital modes), also the apreciated  CW mode (morse code) 
Source: http://31hs310.hamsphere.net/digital-modes-on-hamsphere/

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