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Monday, August 7, 2017

Championnat de France de Foot Ligue 1 il y a 20 cartes QSL a collectionner

20 QSL's to Collect F4ICZ and Football League 1 The 2017-2018 Football League season officially starts on August 5, 2017. 20 Teams, 20 Club 20 Cities .... What is the relationship with me ??? Wishing to put some spice in the personal challenges, I created 20 QSL's to my call sign, numbered. Each club has its QSL. So from 05 August 2017 each of my correspondents will have each time 1 of these QSL's (the ones I contact often) If you have patience, list your QSL's and get the ones you're missing. There is nothing to win (for now) The final day of the championship will be May 19, 2018, and it will also be the last day for the shipments of these QSL's The QSL's are simple made with a minimum of knowledge but the passion is there, far more than my talents for creation. It is purely friendly, a small challenge for the FOOT enthusiasts (at least I hope) because personally I am not a fan of the ball, but rather a fan of the radio.