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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Wolfman Jack complete Radioshow Part 1/5

Wolfman Jack (January 21, 1938 – July 1, 1995) was an American DJ

There is, of course, one BIG difference between U.S. and Mexican Stations, and that is a matter of POWER; American Stations are limited a maximum 50,000 watts ... a limitation that does not exist under Mexican regulation. X.E.R.F. for example, is licensed to operate on 250,000 watts power, and the Department of Communication and Public Works of the Mexican Government has authorized a power increase to 500,000 watts. Such power could result in serious interference if wave lengths were not strictly maintained, but the equipment with which X.E.R.F, operates assures its signal to stay "right on the beam." This is something constantly checked by FCC monitor stations, a degree of regulation by the U.S. Government alike that is imposed upon U.S. Stations. Operating on a clear channel, X.E.R.F. is heard nightly in all parts of the fifty States in the United States, Canada and Latin-America.
Although reference was made to a power increase, the station only had an RCA 250 kW transmitter

Nowadays, if you're a rock-radio fan in Texas, there's a pretty fair chance you'll dial in a track from ZZ Top's latest release, Antenna, which is a tribute to the old Texan and Mexican border stations the band members would lock into as kids. The raw, bare-bones musical approach on Antenna also harkens back somewhat to the group's early '70s Tres Hombres period.
"It's pretty thrash," says Gibbons of his group's latest sound. "This Antenna thing is the result of us really performing as a live trio—we just happened to be in a recording studio. I guess what you get is really the rudeness of the three guys' garage posture."